Michigan Accordion Society

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Your $30.00 MAS membership entitles you to:

  • Receive our brand new official Membership card and use it to save money at local area business (please refer to our website for the latest list of our MAS business supporters and discount listing)
  • Monthly Music Event Entrance Fee Discounts
  • Be added on our Website Performers Directory and Teachers Directory
  • Promotion of your CD's, events & performances
  • Periodic Updates / Email News Flash & Newsletters
  • Free Classified Advertising in our Newsletter (Pending Available Room) and Website
  • Receive a copy of our MAS members list and begin to access a great network of Musicians
  • Membership Incentive—a little effort and you can get your membership for free (see below incentives)
  • Invitation to work shops and special appearance as they become available
  • MAS Membership is still a great deal for only $30.00 a year!
  • 2017 MAS Membership Dues Expire December 31 of 2017

MAS Membership is a great deal for only $30.00!

To join, please fill out our membership form (see link below) and mail a check
(please--no cash) to the address on the form.

MAS MEMBERSHIP FORM (pdf file--require Adobe Acrobat Reader)


In order to qualify, all of the following must apply

  • Solo Music performance during one of our Membership Meetings
  • Placed on our playing roster by the Clubs Music Editors
  • To qualify, you must not have been a past MAS member.

$5.00 Finders Fee Details:

  • You must be a current and paid in full MAS member
  • The new member you refer must have never been a MAS member
  • The new member must also be paid in full
  • Your name must be placed on our MAS Application form where it says “Referred By”