Michigan Accordion Society

Honorary Member

Mr. Eddie Adamic

Honored by MAS on December 10, 2013

Eddie Adamic inspired by the pioneers of the Cleveland sound in the mid-1940s, Eddie Adamic became Detroit's exponent of Cleveland-style polkas. Born in Windsor, Ontario, Eddie learned Slovenian folk music from his parents and was performing by age 14. Leading the Eddie Adamic Orchestra from 1952 -1965, Eddie was associated with the Ronnie Dodich and Dennis Tatomir Orchestras from 1965 -1975 and started his own band again in 1975. Eddie has appeared on radio and television, performed in Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Canada, and led polka tours to Slovenia, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Spain. Eddie has five recordings to his credit, the latest a joint effort with the Klancnik Brothers and vocalists Stan and Velma Kapel. Eddie was inducted into the State of Michigan Polka Music Hall of Fame in 1982. Eddie was inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame on November 30, 2013.