Michigan Accordion Society

Endowment Fund

est. November 4, 2012

The Michigan Accordion Society is pleased to announce the formation of the Michigan Accordion Society Endowment Fund. Its purpose is to acknowledge the support of the member that goes the extra mile in promoting and educating the community of all things associated with the Accordion.

A LIVING MEMORIAL — Honoring the donor through meaningful events and sponsorship programs

CENTER FOR ADVANCMENT — Classes and Educational Learning

FINE ART VENUE — Home to resident musicians and special; engagements of local, national and international renowned artists

SCHOLORSHIP PROGRAMS — Awards are given to students for performance or technical skills. Programs to send students to fine art camps, workshops and lessons to further their study on the instrument.

The Michigan Accordion Society is now a Federal and State IRS registered 501c3 Tax Deductible Organization. This enables you to make a tax-free donation to promote the Endowment Fund. Donations can be made payable to the “Michigan Accordion Society” and your tax deductible check mailed to: 72755 Solanus Dr, Bruce Township, MI 48065.

We are grateful to the following Donors who have given so generously to the Michigan Accordion Society Endowment Fund.

PLATINUM MEMBERS - $10,000 and above

Tony Dannon Scholarship Fund

Tony Dannon Scholarship Fund Donors:
Tersigni Family Foundation
Leo & Flo Aniol • Ms. Mary Rose Balester
Belknapp Family • Lia & Bob Burghardt
Bob & Glenda Cariner • Chris & Karen Carnago
Mr. Aaron Caruso • Ms. Ann D’Annunzio
Mr. Dave Drawbaugh & Family • Ms. Marie Fanone
Mr. Don Fischer • Mr. & Mrs. Umberto Gaglioni
Gerald & Norma Grijack • Joe & Julie Gulish
Mr. Thomas Hammis • Mr. Vito Manzari
Ms. Mary Marcantonio • Ms. Patricia Milani
Dave Passalacqua & Family • Ms. Julie Petrini
Mr. Domenic Picano • Mr. Gino Pirrana
Mr. Ed Podgorny • Joe & Antonella Recchia
Ms. Jean Schonkuyer • Jim & Janine Smoltz
Mr. Pete Vannini • Mr. Quinto Vitale
Mr & Mrs R. Wiszowaty • Mike & Amanda Zawojsky
Proceeds from the November 2012 Tony Dannon Scholarship Festival

GOLD MEMBERS – $5,000 to $9,999

– None –

SILVER MEMBERS – $1,000 to $4,999

Mr. Steve Stoloruk

Ray Battani Scholarship Fund

Ray Battani Scholarship Fund Donors:
Mr. Roger Bianchi • Ms Julia Cailotto
Teresa & James Casler • Douglas & Peggy Cole
Howard & Alyce Cole • Ms. Susan Cole
Mr & Mrs Robert Coleman • Jay & Linda Donaldson
Diane Gorouze & Pamela Quinn • Mr & Mrs Michael Hranchook
Ms Lisa Kuczeski • Mr & Mrs Grodon Larson
Tony & Brenda Maltese • Mss. Violet Mannino
MED KAS Hydraulics • Ms. Carol Medici
Mr & Ms Joseph Medici • Ms Jacqueline Medici
Mr & Ms Thomas Medici • Ms Nancy Nasc
Mr & Mrs Arthur Siebert • Ms. Kathy Songer

Emilio Recchia Scholarship Fund

Emilio Recchia Scholarship Fund Donors:
Mr. Dave Accomondo • Ms. Angela Beaumont
Rudy & Dianne Bernick • Santa & Bendicto Cecchini
Mr. Mike Cusenza • Ms. Jospehine DiPalma
Ed & Sharon Fust • Mr. Robert Fust
John & Carylon Gabalis • Jerry & Norma Grijack
Gary, Pam & Ben Macioce • Tony & Brenda Maltese
Joe & Antonella Recchia • Mr. Rich Stoey
Mr. Yakov Todromovich • Ms. Sanda Torneberg
Mr. Mario Venettilli • Gene & Maryann Van

BRONZE MEMBERS – $500 to $999

Gerald & Norma Grijack


Mr. Aaron Caruso • Tony & Cathy Latona
Tony & Tania Mukhtar • Mr. William Palmer
Mr. Joseph Recchia • Vicki Rogers
Family Donation of Angela Vettraino
Mr. Walter Peters

Jerry May Scholarship Fund

Jerry May Scholarship Fund Donors:
Mr. Frank J. Cerny • Richard & Gretchen Dietz
David & Andrea Hartfelder • Ms. Rita May
Jack & Phyllis Relyea • Ms. Joyce Urbaniak

George Wells Scholarship Fund

George Wells Scholarship Fund Donors:
Mr. Scott Fehseke • Mr. Doyle Hoyer & Family
Mr & Mrs Lee • Gordon & Cheryl Liles
Thomas & Mary Mohrfeld • The Mt Echoes Dulcimer Troupe of Ortonville, MI
Peter & Edith Voit

New & Used Accordion Donations

Mr. Jon Bartol • Mr. Chris Gassell
Joe & Julianna Gulish • Ms. Rosemary Lake
Ms. Barbara Maddux • Mr. Gene Van

Endowment Fund Scholarship Awards

Michigan Accordion Society Press release July 26, 2017
“Michigan Accordion Society.....a Financial Donation Machine”

One of The Michigan Accordion Society (MAS) 501c3 missions have been generating significant financial donations and delivering these donations within the accordion community. In 2016 during their 20th year celebration MAS issued nearly $10,000.00 in financial donations and scholarships to help youth Accordionists programs not only at their home base in Michigan but also Nationwide. Organizations who have benefited from MAS in 2016 have been; The National Accordion Association, The America Accordion Association and Accordion Teachers Guild, all who have received a total of $6,000.00 in funding for various youth Accordion Programs. In addition in 2016, MAS issued another $3,500.00 in Accordion youth music scholarships in Michigan and has also developed a wonderful Accordion Donation program that provides good used accordions to students in need.

This past June 20th & and July 18th of 2017 MAS issued another $3,500.00 in scholarships awards to 7 very talented and cheerful Michigan Accordion students. The past and present scholarships were made possible through the “Tony Dannon Music Student Scholarship Fund” which MAS developed and manages. Youth Accordion Students who benefited from this year’s scholarship nights were: Andrew Biondo, Matthew Chen, Jessica Fligger , Stevan Krstevski, Lukas Stacharski, Piper Teasdale & Lukasz Wendtz. Students ranged in age from 7 years to 17 years old. Each student received a $500.00 Scholarship to be used for future Accordion Lessons. Proceeds were paid directly to their instructors, Pavel Vasliv from the Music Authority School of Music in Dearborn Heights, MI., Yakov Todoromovich private instructor from Troy, MI & Mike Zawojsky Private Instructor from Washington Township, MI.

Vincent Volpone from Canton, MI was also present at the event as one of the featured Accordion soloist. He volunteered his time to share his talent with the other students. Vincent is a past 2016 MAS Scholarship award recipient who benefited from the MAS Scholarship program and this summer he is heading to France to continue his accordion studies with his grandfather who is a well-respected accordionist.

Joe Recchia, MAS president who hosted the event stated, “It is so great to see these kids, their parents and instructors work together to prepare for this event. It’s one of our most memorable events of the year and would not be possible without the support of the parents, teachers and enduring admiration these kids have for the instrument. We need to remember these children are the future of the accordion and we need to continue to help support them! Joe Recchia also mentioned “A very special shout out and big thanks to our MAS Officers and Board members; Angela Beaumont, Bob Berta, Tony Latona, John Gabalis, Dave Passalaqua & Antonella Recchia who not only help to support this great annual event but continue to help insure we raise the needed funding so we can continue our scholarship program for years to come”

MAS is currently working on a major Scholarship fundraiser event which is planned for November of 2017 the event will host a Dick Contino and Burt Holiday Tribute at the famous Detroit Andiamo’s Celebrity Showroom. Featured will be three time world accordion champion Cory Pesaturo from Rhode Island along with Pete Contino, Pete Barbuitti and Joe Cario from Las Vegas Nevada as well as world famous trumpeter Mr. Johnny Trudell along with many other local entertainers. MAS will provide more details of this event very soon.

For more information on the Michigan Accordion Society Scholarship program and upcoming events, please visit their website at www.michiganaccordion.org

Photo 1 –
Former Scholarship Winner Vincent Volpone from Canton, MI performs for MAS

Photo 2 –
Michigan Scholarship Winner’s from left to right: Lukas Stacharski, Matthew Chen, Lukasz Wendtz, Andrew Biondo & Jessica Fligger receiving their Scholarship Awards from MAS president Joe Recchia

Photo 3 –
Michigan Scholarship Winner Piper Teasdale & Stevan Krstevski receiving their Scholarship Awards from MAS president Joe Recchia

February 1, 2016
MAS Endowment Fund dollars at work in our Community

The Michigan Accordion Society made national accordion news! We were featured in the Feb 2016 edition of Accordion USA. You can read the article by clicking on the following link: www.accordionusa.com/#art2436.

Michigan Accordion Society
Awarded $1,500 in Scholarships May 2015
From the Emilio Recchia & Tony Dannon Memorial Funds

Scholarship Recipients
from left to right:
Mr. Anthony Weiderhold (age 14)
Ms. Jessica Fligger (age 10) & Mr. Lukas Stachurski (age 10)

Michigan Accordion Society Purchases Children’s 12 Bass Accordions (From the Tony Dannon Memorial Fund) in July 2014 and Begins the “Accordion For Kids Program”

Our Very First “Accordion For Kids Program” Student Valantina D'Anna
Is Doing a Wonderful Job with Her New Accordion!

MAS officially kicked off our new “Accordion For Kids Program” program on July 2014. We provide the accordion, music book at no charge...what a deal! And then we put you in touch with a MAS teacher. If you know of any kids or grandkids that would love participating, please let them know of this incredible way to start playing accordion. We have more accordions and music books available. The music books were autographed and donated by our MAS member, Mr. William Hughes, son of music publisher Palmer and Hughes. Thank you Mr. Palmer! MAS has obtained ten 12 bass accordions from MAS member Gene Van (see photo below). Thank you Gene Van! We already have teachers standing by and ready to go. We are doing our part to mke it easy to learn accordion. You can help by getting the word out to family members, schools and churches. For more information on this program, contact Joe Recchia or Bob Berta.

Michigan Accordion Society
Awarded $2,700 in Scholarships in June 2014
From the Jerry May, Ray Battani, & Tony Dannon Memorial Funds

Scholarship Recipients
Front Row, left to right:
Jaixai Reineke (age 9), Karter Wells (age 7), Lukas Stachurski (age 9),
Maria Magnoli (age 10), Jessica Fligger (age 9)

Back Row, left to right:
Natalia Lacki (age 16), Arianna Hosinski (age 17), Morgan Ross (age 13)
Vanessa Carr (22), Sabrina Carr (18), Serafim Mazurs (age 11),
Johnathan Oestringer (age 13), Mario Simone (age 16), Anthony Wiederhold (age 13),
John Orischak (age 17), Joey McLennan (age 18), Bernadette Kathryn (age 14),
Andrew Oughton (age 16), Emma Burgin (age 18), Michael Galbenski (age 13),
Justina Gaynor (age 12), Delaney Garron (age 12) & Tara Cicillian (age 12)

Michigan Accordion Society
Provides Recognition Awards in June 2013
From the Tony Dannon Memorial Fund

Teacher‐ Susan Witucki‐ Rondeau‐ Studio‐88‐ Students
Jillan Essig • Joshua Hoenscheid • Jacob Poniatowski • Mark Cunningham

Teacher‐ Donna Di Berardo‐ E.B.D. Studio‐ Students
Eva Lisowski • Zosette & Zachary • Bernadette Kathryn • Morgan Jones

Teacher‐ Yakov Todromovich‐ Student
Anthony Wiederhold

Teacher‐ Noelle Morabito D'Anna‐ Evola Music‐ Students
Allison Lemons • Jaixai Reineke • Bianca Licari • Justina Gaynor • Catie Vaglica

Teacher‐ Vickie Robasin‐ Zoppi Music- Students
Echia Tiwari • Frank Scarchill • Kati Litwin • James VanWagner

If there is anyone who you feel may be missing, or if any corrections are required, please contact us through the contact page www.michiganaccordion.org/contact.php on our website and kindly help us by providing a brief description of the correction.
Thank you!