Michigan Accordion Society

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Who We Are

The Michigan Accordion Society a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization was established in June of 1996 by a group of accordion enthusiasts as an association for promoting and sharing the music of the accordion. Our purpose is to promote the accordion as a versatile instrument which is capable of accompanying music styles of all types. We are a very enthusiastic and active Society that coordinates monthly music events that are open to the public and feature a wide variety of accordion music through both professionals and amateurs accordionists as well as other singers and musicians who perform a wide variety of instruments performing along side accordionists.

Our Members also perform at many public venues and our members promote the use of the accordion which has benefited our community by generating significant funding for cancer research, to help feed the hungry and to bring smiles to Seniors in retirements homes and to children in our public and private school settings.

Our Membership Roster base is made up of Accordionists and people who enjoy listening and also musicians and singers who enjoy performing along side accordionists. Currently we have over 280 members which is growing monthly and range in age from 4 to 100 years of age.

Our "Accordion For Kids" has helped generate wonderful enthusiasm in our community as we have seen more young people that are taking an interest to learn to play and appreciate the accordion. In addition, we also have a healthy music scholarship program that has benefited several dozen music students within our community.

We have many business and organizational partnerships which help benefit our members and partners and provide a wide network of services which include but not limited too sponsoring various concerts, Teachers listings, Professional Performers listings, Classified adds and a wonderful resource for our members to promote their music and events.

All of our hard work has received international recognition for being one of the best Accordion Societies in the world by the Las Vegas International Accordion Convention.

We invite you to attend one of our monthly Music Events (see our Events page for more information) and encourage you to browse our web site and also visit and "Like" our Facebook page to see the scope and depth of our outreach so that together we can promote and preserve this wonderful instruments for many generations to come.